We Unravel The Complexities Of Importing Goods To South Africa

Cover Image importing goods to south africa

In a world where we have digital access to products from around the globe at our fingertips, one of the most difficult tasks for consumers or business owners is importing goods to South Africa. With so many products available online, the biggest issue our clients often face is getting products into South Africa as more often than not, our local market is not adequately stocked.

Importing into South Africa can be a complicated business as so many variables are at play including the reliability of standard postal options, variable courier costs, parcel weights, the country of origin and import duties that vary widely across products. We take the guesswork out of the process for you so that you can simply select your products and be safe in the knowledge that they will reach you intact and with no hidden costs.

Our professional team at Scott’s Shipping takes the uncertainty out of the entire international shipping process whether it’s a USA import or international shipping from China.

The process for an international shipping quote is as simple as providing us with a detailed product description or a direct website URL to where your product can be purchased, and our dedicated team take care of the rest.

No credit card is no problem thanks to our payments that include cash deposit and EFT. Naturally, we also accept credit card payments via our secure gateway.

To further streamline the process, our online calculator will quickly generate an international shipping quote to give you a quick overview of exactly what you can expect to pay for your shipments.

In addition to our importing service, we also offer simple and cost effective local shipping with the same exacting standards of service as our international shipping options. Our local shipping covers both major centers as well as outlying areas for your convenience.