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Cover Image International Online Shopping - Import To South Africa

The thought of doing something offline these days is becoming a mostly foreign concept to anyone in this technological age. With both young and old having access to the internet, online shopping is now second nature. Well, when shopping from stores that are anchored in South Africa. Import shopping is not something most are familiar with, and for good reason. You’re dealing with foreign currencies that need to be converted, foreign couriers, customs South Africa as well as import fees.

There is no rulebook for costs involved and in most instances, import shopping arrives with unforeseen costs that most customers have not budgeted for.

With the vast array of products to import, one would think there is a set fee structure but in reality, good are charged differently based on which category of goods they fall into. A Google search of what fees you will pay for importing goods into South Africa will leave you more confused than ever.

What to do then? Well, let’s say you’re wanting to import goods from UK. Firstly, you’d search the internet for the product or products you’re wanting, then find out the total cost of them as well as the shipping cost to the UK. Then simply head on over to our quick estimate calculator, input the details there and our systems will generate an estimate.

If you’d prefer to not go through the process of adding items to a cart and then finding out the shipping costs in the country of origin, simply head on over to our import quote page.

All you need to do is simply supply a link or description to the product you’re looking for and we’ll email you a quote that includes purchase cost, courier fees and all customs charges(duties/VAT/clearance).

Importing into South Africa is now as simple as that!