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Cover Image: Importing To South Africa

We often find these days that many of the products we are looking for are manufactured and sold overseas, unfortunately a limited range of these international goods are available in South Africa.

One of the joys of the digital age is that we can see the vast variety of products available globally, however getting our hands on them isn’t always so easy due to them being found in various corners of the world. So many products are available for purchase and yet we are so often limited by our location.

Ordering online is a simple enough process, however dealing with the various processes that include SA customs tariffs can be especially confusing to deal with as customs import charges vary depending on what type of product you are looking to import and even from where the product is originating.

Doing a quick online search of customs import charges can be an overwhelming experience and leave customers confused as to what exactly the final price on their goods will be. As one of the leading companies that import and export, Scott’s Shipping are dedicated to making the experience seamless, clear cut and reliable.

Whether you’re looking at importing goods from the USA, UK, China or anywhere else in the world for that matter, we are here to help you make the process clearer, thanks to our professional team who have successfully imported 1000’s of items for our clients.

Importing goods from overseas is now as simple as supplying us with the cost of your goods, local delivery in the origin country and our quick estimate will give you a very accurate ballpark figure on the final pricing to your door in South Africa.

For the most accurate pricing, request a quote from our specialised team and we’ll ensure that in no time you have an accurate and final price on importing your goods.

Simple, Swift, Safe, the SSS promise!