Transparent Pricing

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We at Scott’s Shipping Services firmly believe in businesses being open, honest and truthful to their customers and strive to maintain this always. This however seems to be at odds with us not supplying a pricing breakdown on our import service.

While it may appear that we are deliberately trying to remain mysterious there are a few reasons why a breakdown is not offered:

Time: the main reason is simply the extra work needed to supply this. To keep costs down we must keep our staff complement to a minimum, a breakdown doubles or even triples the time taken for a quote. It also tends to raise more questions than answers for the customer, importing isn’t rocket science but does take a bit of effort to explain!

Full service: Due to our importers license we can only clear products paid for and invoiced to us. There’s no way for the customer to take advantage of separate line charges. In the past breakdowns were offered on request, unfortunately this tended to be abused by customers. They would use us to get the dutiable charges for orders they had no intention of placing.

As above it does not make business sense for us to provide breakdowns, but we do think that customers should know where their money is going. The below table is based off last year’s data (2017), please note this is an indication only and we cannot invoice based on these percentages. Scott’s Shipping Services takes no liability or responsibility for the accuracy of this data.

This is how your payments will be split, for every R1000 spent with us it gets broken down to:

Purchase Cost: R709

Fairly self-explanatory, this is the cost to buy the item from the overseas seller like eBay or Amazon

International Courier: R82

Cost to get it from “there” to us in Pretoria, worldwide express shipping isn’t cheap! No postal services used here.

Customs and VAT: R65

“Pay unto Caesar what is due to Caesar”, these are the SARS import fees. PS: you will not just pay a flat 6.5% on any package brought into SA unfortunately but we’ll give you a quote that includes all these, so you don’t have to worry!

Local Courier: R13

Your friendly local delivery man needs his cut too. You can book this separately for all your South African courier needs here.

Operating Expenses: R91

All our ancillary expenses. Salaries, marketing, taxes(yes, more…), forex fees, package insurance, this spiffy website etc

Profit: R40

Need to keep that bank manager happy!


We hope this provides some clarification as to how we operate and look forward to hearing from you soon, happy shopping!