eBay South Africa

Call us eBay South Africa! Well not really, but it would be nice… What we can do however is bring the world’s largest marketplace right to your door in SA.





With over $23 billion sales in the last year eBay.com has been largely cut off from South Africa due to the state of our postal system and customs laws, no more! With Scott’s Shipping Services we can bring in any worldwide eBay listing, provided it’s not on our No Fly List of course, safely and securely to SA.



Not only do we use exclusively courier services, so your package arrives much faster, we offer a full guarantee against any loss or damage en-route! If you want even more reasons to order, we’ll also include any customs fees in our initial quote so no additional costs will surprise you.



It’s not just eBay.com either, items are also purchasable from the partner country sites such as eBay.co.uk etc.



With our experience of 100’s of eBay orders from all over the world you’re guaranteed a smooth experience. Quantity and number of orders also do not present any issues as an Importers Code is not required for any orders placed through us.



Generate a Quick Estimate to see instantly how much an import will cost and submit if the pricing is right. If that looks a bit complicated just use our Quote functionality, all that’s needed is your details and a link to the eBay listing. We’ll get back to you with a final price in just a few minutes.



So what are you waiting for!? 1.2 billion listings are out there for you to buy, happy shopping!