Cover Image The Benefits of Using an Import and Export Company

The Benefits of Using an Import and Export Company

05 Dec ,2017

Goods are continuously being imported and exported into and out of South Africa and many of your favourite items are no doubt manufactured overseas. When looking at product pricing from international suppliers, it is difficult to gauge the actual price you’ll pay due to SA customs tariffs.

You may be able to find small shops in South Africa stocking the hard to get items that you have your eyes on but their prices will be inflated due to the costs of running a business. These costs include salaries, store rental, having to clear left over stock at reduced prices and much more. As a leading import business in South Africa, we simply source the product you have requested and have it sent directly to you. All you pay for are our professional services and none of the auxiliary costs associated with a traditional brick and mortar business.

You may have had concerns regarding pricing, delivery dates and the possibility of your parcel getting stuck at South African customs. This is where the professional team from Scott’s Shipping step in and handle the entire process for you.

As an import and export business in South Africa, we are also on hand to get your items to other locations across the globe. Simply use our simple export quote generator, place a booking and we will arrange for the collection of your parcel for the next weekday after valid Proof of Payment is received.

Our proven track record as attested to by hundreds of happy customers ensures that the whole world is available to you at the click of a button.

Simply browse for your favourite products online and then head over to our quick estimate calculator to get an idea of what you’ll end up paying. After that, submit your details via our quote page and our team will get back to your shortly with the exact price you will pay for importing your goods.