Cover Image Exporting Goods From South Africa

Exporting Goods from South Africa

07 November ,2017

Not only do we offer our full-service import routes and local shipping but exports as well. Exporting goods and products from South Africa to foreign countries has become an ever expanding and lucrative industry thanks to favourable exchange rates for citizens of foreign countries. The diverse range and exceptional quality of goods manufactured in South Africa are finding themselves in increasing demand overseas. For manufacturers, resellers or distributors of these products there is a huge market gap just waiting to be taken advantage of.

We pride ourselves as one of the leading import and export agents in South Africa with a proven track record from our endless number of returning clients and we’re here to help your business grow through the exporting of your products, or third-party products.

Reaching consumers across the globe has never been easier thanks to the internet, yet finding customers is just one part of the equation. Dealing with online import/export requires a dedicated team with fast turnaround times, transparent costing and the reassurance that your goods will arrive at their destination.

Why export?

Selling products in your home country drastically limits your consumer base and therefore profit. Expanding your reach across the globe helps you achieve your goals faster, all the while building your client footprint across regions you would otherwise never have reached. When looking at South African imports and exports, the exporting game makes sense thanks to a weaker rand.

Consumers across the globe now have access to your world class products at a fraction of the cost of them in their home country. With our service, these consumers are now able to get their products delivered to them faster and more reliably.

Thanks to the bulk pricing deal with our courier partners we can offer very competitive rates, you can now reach customers worldwide charging similar shipping costs to major overseas retailers.

Our online calculator quickly gives cost estimates for exports to our most popular destinations of Australia, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom and of course the USA.

For any other regions, simply contact us and we’ll deliver a quote right away.