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Simply supply a link or description to the product you're looking for below and we'll email you a quote that includes purchase cost, courier fees and all customs charges(duties/VAT/clearance).

One payment is all that's required and then sit back and relax as the product is delivered directly to your door, hassle free and no stress.

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Use the form below to generate an estimate for the total cost of your order in Rand including all courier fees and duties.

“Shipping Cost” is the delivery fee in the country of origin.

Due to international regulations not all items can be shipped from all destinations. Click HERE for more details.

Items from separate suppliers or dispatch locations will be shipped separately, consolidation of parcels is unfortunately not possible.

3rd party shipping is regrettably unavailable, only our full service is offered where the whole process from purchase to delivery is handled by us.

Please note whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this form, the final total will be determined via a quote request.



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