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Importers Code

17 Sep ,2018

There’s been a lot of discussion recently about SARS enforcing a certain rule on personal imports and the need for an importers code which we would like to clarify.

Customers do NOT require an importers code when ordering through us, we’ll explain in more detail below.








This will not be a guide for getting an importers code and we cannot assist with this in any way, all requests for info on registration will be ignored. Contact your nearest customs office for further information.

Scott’s Shipping Services takes no liability for the accuracy of the supplied information nor any liability for how it may be used.

The Importers Code Rule

(iii) Registration code number 70707070 may be used only if the importer or exporter –

(aa) (A) imports or exports goods of which the value required to be declared for each consignment is less than R50 000, subject to the limitations of three such consignments during any calendar year;

(B) declares those goods for home consumption (codes A11 and A12), temporary export (code A13) or export (codes H60 and H61);

(bb) is a natural person located in the Republic; and

(cc) reflects his or her identity number or taxpayer reference number in the field provided in the declaration form.

As per Government Gazette No. 36433 of 2013-05-10



The Explanation

As per the above rule (summarised) an individual may import into South Africa without registering as an importer or obtaining an importers code providing:

1) They do not bring in more than 3 shipments per year (Jan-Dec).

2) Each shipment has a value below R50 000.

3) The items are for personal use and not for resale.

If any of the above conditions are not met, then an importers code will be required.

Why we’re different

As stated above customers do NOT require  an importers code when buying through us.

Without getting too technical we become the “Importer of Record” for orders as all invoicing and purchasing is handled by the company.

The transaction and invoicing of our service is treated entirely as a local purchase from the customers side. No importers code required no matter the number of purchases or their value!

One less thing to worry about, we’ll handle it all for you, importing made easy!

Simply supply us with the links to the product in question and we can Quote for you. Alternatively generate your own costing with our handy Quick Estimate and as always, happy shopping!