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Importing audio equipment into South Africa

15 May ,2018

With the launch of services such as Apple Music and Spotify in South Africa, we now have more access than ever to an entire world of music. With the world’s biggest artists and albums at your fingertips, don’t go wasting their music by playing it on inferior quality audio systems! These albums were produced in dedicated recording studios, so don’t go playing them on speaker systems that don’t do the music justice.

While at times it can be convenient to play a song through your phone or your computers built-in audio, nothing beats the immersive experience that a dedicated sound system produces. With the advent of smaller portable systems, we tend to have forgotten the sheer listening pleasure that a professional sound system can provide! You may be looking at starting out small by importing a hifi into South Africa, or you may be looking to invest in a full-scale entertainment system for your next house party or even just those evenings at home after work where you need time to wind down with your favourite album.  Either way, resources such as Schiit and TubeDepot are specialists when it comes to amplifiers so that you get the sound you want, without the distortion so often found with lesser quality equipment.

When you’re building your dream audio environment you’ll be looking at an array of products from speakers to soundproofing panels and even turntables for the retro vinyl enthusiasts. You will have noticed lately that a whole load of new albums produced today are now once again available on vinyl!  Stop shopping around and rather look to some of the world’s largest and most trusted online retailers.  We recommend that you look to import from Amazon into South Africa as well as import from Ebay into South Africa as they provide a one-stop solution for all your electronic needs. Get your turntables, vinyl, amps, speakers, headphones and more from one simple online shopping trip without having to leave the house.

When you want to import electronics into South Africa, there are a number of factors to consider including shipping fees, taxes and import duties which are difficult to determine at the outset and often come as a surprise to many buyers. When importing through us you’ll be given a clear and set once off fee that comes with no nasty surprises so that you can shop with confidence!

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