Importing from the USA to South Africa

Importing from the USA to South Africa

11 Apr ,2018

The USA have arguably some of the finest goods in the world and many are known for their hand crafted attention to detail and quality that is designed to last a lifetime. From meticulously crafted leather goods, bags that will carry everything you need for the holidays, electronics that will change the way you go about your daily life, to household goods and everything else beyond, America has what you need.

If you’ve found your dream products in America, you’re now most likely wondering how to import from the USA to South Africa. It’s a question that plagues many people when browsing the huge range of products in America. To make the process easier, hassle free and without any major expense surprises, the safest option is to use one of the import and export companies in South Africa, of which Scotts Shipping is a leader.

Import duties vary for  different product categories and most clients who import directly to South Africa are left with unexpected bills once customs clear the items and add tax and import duties. Our team will give you a one off, clear cut price that includes the cost of international shipping to South Africa. Having peace of mind when shopping online is paramount, and knowing your final costs as well as knowing that your goods will reach you is key to a successful online shopping experience.

While we do have a massive range of products that South Africa imports, we’re often after those high end brands that we can just never seem to find. With Instagram having turned many clients photography hobby into a full blown profession, you may be looking for that new camera body or fixed lens from B&H Photo Video. For those less visually inclined and more tuned into the audio world, you might be looking to pick up your favorite audio equipment from Schiit. The good news is that our team will source products from these speciality online stores and deliver them direct to your door.

Thankfully, the team at Scott’s Shipping are able to bring the USA to your doorstep thanks to our easy import options! Simply use our quick estimate option or for a final quote, submit your query via our quote page and our team will assist you.