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No Fly List

15 Aug ,2018

We make exclusive use of express couriers for all our parcels, and while this results in a safe, fast and cheap service it does restrict certain items from being shipped. Below is a list of the most commonly asked for items that are prohibited from passenger aircraft.

Please note this is not an exhaustive list, other items may be restricted that are not mentioned.







Size Restrictions

Standard courier size limits apply, the maximum package dimension is 1m and weight is 30kg.

EXCEPTION: items larger than this will be moved via freight lines, so feel free to contact for a quote.


You know the annoying man at airport security that throws away the aftershave you just bought? Unfortunately, we have one of them too… Any item that can “spill” is prohibited, this includes liquids, aerosols, gels and powders.

EXCEPTION: LAG’s can also be moved via bulk freight shipping.

LiPo Batteries

Thank a well-known cell phone manufacturer for this one… Due to the risk of fire loose Lithium batteries and power banks cannot be shipped, if the batteries are installed in a device we can move it no problem (does NOT apply to exports).


Weapons or any item associated with weapons cannot be shipped. This includes items used for self-defence (tasers, pepper spray etc) and “toy” weapons (air soft, paintball, replica swords etc). This restriction also applies to knives.


Road vehicles and certain parts are restricted. Most car spares/parts are fine to import but this excludes chassis, engine blocks, or tyres.

Foodstuffs, Medicines, Supplements

Items meant for human or animal consumption requires additional clearance from Port Health and cannot be imported.


If it is or was alive we can’t move it unfortunately.

The Fun Stuff

We’d be rubbish party planners to be honest, alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes and parts, hookah and narcotics are restricted.

That’s a list of the most common items, there’s a lot more like radioactive substances and explosives but luckily we don’t get requests for those, too often… If you’re unsure about anything don’t hesitate to contact us however, we’ll let you know upfront if the item will present an issue.

Happy Shipping!